Customised Hen Party Rosettes

Customised Hen Party Rosettes

The hen night is the highlight of the preparation for the big day. Everyone likes to celebrate their impending wedding and hen nights are becoming more and more elaborate. More and more time is being spent in the planning. More and more are taking the opportunity of dressing up. Often this involves fancy dress or a specific theme or dress colour.


So, one of the simplest additions to any hen night is one of our Customised Hen Party Rosettes. Of course whilst our rosettes are very popular for hen nights, they can, are are also be used on a variety of other occasions.  Whether it is for a competition, an award, a birthday or a mulitutude of other occasions or events, we can help.

Customised Hen Party Rosettes

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Great range of designs for Customised Hen Party Rosettes

When we produce or rosettes, which incidentally are all hand-made to order, we use a cisrcular badge for the centre. We don't use a cardboard circle or a foil-blocked centre. This means you can have a full colour image on the centre. So that also means that we can put a photograph there if you wish. All you need to do is just upload it when you complete your on line order.  All the centres are individually printed, so if you want to change the text on each of the centres, then is not a problem. So this is great if you want to add the name of each of the gusts to their Customised Hen Party Rosettes.

The ribbon that we use is high quality and all of our rosettes are made with a very full pleat. Hence, this gives the rosette a very luxurious appearance. This is unlike a lot of the the very flat styles that are often seen on sale in shops.

In addition, if you want other items for your hen party or other celebrations, then we can help. We have a complete range of personalised sashes and badges.