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'Personalised BadgesPersonalised Badges for all occasions.  In addition to the actual wedding day, there is also the customary hen night/ hen party. Of course if you are lucky then there could be more than one - may be one for the family members and one for work colleagues.

Personalised Badges for all occasions

Celebrating a party when not everyone know each other can sometimes mean a lot of introductions. Then this means trying to remember any other guest's name. One solution to this ever-present problem is to buy personalised badges for each of the guests. You can still make the badges in the same overall design. But just add that extra bit of information on each of the badges. It could be there actual name or it could be their nickname. If might be a family event, and in particular one where the member so the family don't meet very often. Then you could also add their relationship. For example, 'Cousin of the Bride', 'Sister-in-Law to be'. 

Of course you can still give the personalised badges an overall feel with the same design and the same wording. For example 'Jayne's Hen Night'. Then just add the venue of the party and the date.  Don't worry if you are on the last minute.

No problem if you are on the last minute

We know that with a wedding and a hen night there are so many things to organise. Inevitably something gets overlooked, and this is usually the smaller accessory things for hen nights.  We produce all the badges to order, and can usually accommodate a late order into our production schedule. Which means you could order in the morning and get the badge the following day by selecting the next day delivery option. This will ensure  that you can celebrate your event in style.

Our products are not just limited to personalised badges. We also produce rosettes, sashes, wristbands and lanyards - each of which can be customised to suit your night out or event. You can view our main page at

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