Personalised Printed Sashes to complete your celebrations

Personalised Printed Sashes Personalised Printed Sashes have may uses when it comes to celebrating a special events. Whether it's a school prom night, being worn to promote a product at an exhibition,   a beauty pageant or at a birthday or hen party. Then we can help. Even if you have left it until the last minute then we can usually help with a quick delivery without you having to sacrifice any personalisation options.

Personalised printed sashes- Celebrate with style

All the ribbon for the sashes is printed directly on to the ribbon ourselves. We don't use any screen printing techniques. As a result, we don't need to produce any screens which can be costly and time-consuming for small quantities. This means we don't have any minimum order quantity for our Personalised Printed Sashes. Additionally it means that in a larger order, you could have different wording on each of the sashes. You could also have a different colour of ribbon on each of your Personalised Printed Sashes.  We print the sashes so that the message would read correctly when worn over the wearer's right shoulder. You just need to decide if you want the message to be seen from the back or the front, or from both sides of the wearer. If you want the Personalised Printed Sashes for display over the other shoulder then just let us know when you place the order.

Personalised just for you

If you want us to adjust the length of the sash - then again, just put a note on the order. There is no extra charge.  The standard overall length of a sash is approximately 180cm  (about 6 feet) and 10cm wide (4inches) . We don't make a charge per letter for the text. You can have as much or as little on the sash as you want. The optimum print area is about 50cm x 19.5cm on both the front and back. But the more text there is - the smaller the print.

We don't just produce sashes - we also supply personalised badges, rosettes, lanyards and wristbands. You can view our main page at

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